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Lucy Series

The Lucy Series print edition builds on a methodology developed in Pastine's ‘Making Contact Series' wherein she paints inchoate washes of color on paper. Pasitne then incorporates enlarged and abstracted silkscreened diamonds on the paintings that act to impose order. The distorted and flattened diamonds suggest the familiar without resolving into a discernible object. In this edition, photographs of her watercolors and diamond motifs were up-loaded to a computer. Pastine was then able to layer, Rorschach and manipulate the images to create luminous and color saturated abstracts. Diamonds represent carbon, a mineral that, through their interconnectivity, are the basis for all life and connect us to the larger universe. Pastine is particularly interested in the chaotic birth of the diamond and its final and hardened faceted form. Likewise, through a process of chance and exploration, Pastine’s ideas lock into place connecting the moment of discovery and the transformation her imagination into form.

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