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My work strives to evoke the Romantic notion of the artist as explorer navigating vast realms of possibility.   Inspired by the idea of NASA’s rover, “Curiosity” and its exploration of the uncharted territory of Mars, my paintings and sculpture are a contemporary take on  the notion of “Sublime,” a key theme in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century American painting.  My paintings appear as otherworldly landscapes containing voids and veils to represent artistic ferment. The process of painting wet-into-wet with watercolor creates chance occurrences that lead to moments of discovery and revelation. The sculptures represent vessels and act as an integral part of the paintings. They begin as a material exploration, using Mylar, Styrofoam, Magazines, concrete, and steel. Through a dynamic interplay of solid form and reflective Mylar, they create a sense of expansiveness as they multiply and animate their surroundings. I confront uncertainties, take risks, and seek the discomfort of a traveler in a foreign county.

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